Devils In The Details

Taken from the album “Bloodlines” to be released the 24th of April 2020 as compact disc vinyl record and via the known digital channels.

The Silent Orchestra

After dedicating my life forty years to music, the next forty years I will focus upon absolute silence, every music record in my possession I treated as a nonphysical shrine….

A devotee of sound

A lot of people over the years have asked me the same question, why do you make music, instead of staying home and enjoy a game of cards or read…

The coven goes digital

Welcome to our new website! From now on you can find everything about the occult hardrock band “The Spirit Cabinet” on this website and of course on our Facebook bandpage…

Let me introduce myself

My name is Snake McRuffkin and I am your vocal host and spiritual guidance in The Spirit Cabinet. They call me “the sultan of sentiment”, but we’ll talk about that…