A lot of people over the years have asked me the same question, why do you make music, instead of staying home and enjoy a game of cards or read about the adventures of Long John Silver? Why do you put all your life and effort in music? Is it a form of escapism, do you run from reality? What do you want to tell people with the music? Always I found that question an interesting one, and I realized that I could not answer that, because I have never thought about that too much. Most of the time I would remain silent after a question, because in silence I look smart, when I open my mouth, people realize I am a fool immediately. Now I am involved in yet another musical outfit and people ask me the same old question. “Why do you make music?” So the time is right for me to think about that one and try to reflect upon this matter.

First I will start with the name of the outfit. “The Spirit Cabinet”. The three words represent the basic nature of our group when we act together, who we are in true being. “The Cabinet” is the décor we operate on, like the stage of the opera, but only the stage, the décor is empty but we know that there will be a “play” later on. “Spirit” can mean a lot of things, I refer to “Spirit” as “Sound”. Every material in existence in our eighty-fourth universe has a sound of its own, basically a surface sound to be heard when you strike it like a gong, and inside is a hidden sound. Sound is the first step in creation, moved by energy, and without that energy sound cannot travel.

In our song “The Spirit Cabinet” I call for Shiva with my vocals on the melody of the song. Before that, Shiva is sleeping, everything is silent with no sound. When I say “Shiva” here, I am not talking about a person or the yogi. “Shiva” here refers to “that which is not”; that which is nascent. “That which is not” can only sleep. We wake Shiva with a melody and I call for him. When Shiva is woken he reacts with a roar, like a Big Bang explosion in a universe. After that Shiva becomes my live breath, and the sound travels in space and time with the musical pattern of the song. I was born in the year of the fire snake, and a snake is very sensitive to certain energies. Shiva wears the snake around his throat, this is not just symbolic, there is a science behind it. The snake around Shiva’s throat is not disturbed by anything until Shiva is awoken. With sound it moves and you can feel its immense power. A snake like me can be very intense and silent without movement at the same time. It’s symbolic that with the chakra of the vocal pit in the throat I can protect myself from poisonous energy coming into my body, the snake is symbolic because he carries poison. By bringing sounds through my vocal cords, inside and outside my body, I can either cleanse myself or poison myself. That goes the other way round as well.

By channelling sound outside I have influence over other material if I tune in to their own specific sound. So all together” The Spirit Cabinet” is in nature about sound, and we produce the sound through a very intense medium, which is a loud as you can get with sound from one human being to another without being vaporized. Sound travels fast and vibrates the room and all the materials inside. In this I consider human beings also as material, because we are nothing but gathered elements of earth and space, and elements in space have a sound of their own as well. Work the space with sound and the object will vibrate with a certain resonance. A certain resonance of material objects creates energy. With “The Spirit Cabinet” we are not trying to create perfect music, but we consider our mission to create energy from resonance through sound, and see if that energy can manifest itself in some form. Like crystalized consciousness. Therefor we are not at all interested in the musical conventions brought to us by twentieth one century mainstream consciousness and all its façade. We are devotees of channelling sound. Music is not and never will be perfect and absolute, but sound is. Sound is absolute. The meaning we give to sound is utter nonsense, coming from our illusionary minds. When sound is interpreted by the mind, it becomes what we call “music”, because we give it meaning. When we feel sound with all the human senses and leave our hallucinatory mind out of it, sound will be absolute and perfect. The mind discriminates in dualities, because nature has tuned it still in survival mode. What the human senses pick up it does not discriminate nor divide. Detuning the mind set by nature is a difficult task for a simple mind like me, but I do not listen to music with “an open mind”, but with “no mind”, just enjoying the sound. That is the reason people consider me to have a lousy musical taste, because I listen to noise, sounds of nature, old meaningless radio broadcasts and ambient. “The Spirit Cabinet” is not about random sound, we arrange sounds in certain patterns that form our songs. By repeat and repeat certain sounds in patterns we consecrate the sounds into a certain energy by limit them into the songs. By singing chants along the patterns of the sound I try to consecrate that energy. I enjoy to repeat chants over and over and feel the sound myself and enjoy its energy, it give me bliss all the time and reload my like a battery just like a Lingaa in a temple. So to make a long story short, “why do you make music?”, “because I enjoy its sound”. This will cover the fundament of my involvement in “The Spirit Cabinet” and without a fundament we cannot built anything.

Now this is out of the way I will focus more on the building in my “Rants” to come. And I will try to answer more questions that people fire at me. Next time I will tell how we can use the resonation of
an object as a door to the spirit world.