After dedicating my life forty years to music, the next forty years I will focus upon absolute silence, every music record in my possession I treated as a nonphysical shrine. A shrine build in resonance, you could only hear it, feel it and imagine it. Those temples in resonance I became obsessed with. Those invisible sonic dreamscapes, I was devoted to, so much that I wanted to identify myself with them, become them. To identify myself with something that is only in sound and imagination worked for me quite some time. Until the last years. I lost complete interest in my imagination, and I want to devote myself to the source of all sound, the absolute silence. Now I am building a physical space, isolated walls to keep out as much sound as possible and absorb noise rather than reflect it. This anechoic chamber will have a perfect space that has a sound level of –9 decibels of absolute nothingness. Any sound that you do hear will be exactly as it is created, I want to create absolute silence in my experience. Otherwise the absolute silence, just like resonance like music becomes imaginary. And everything imaginary I have the bad habit of trying to identify myself with. Therefore I will work with the direct human experience of absolute silence, not the definition. Definition is imagination, experience is real. How to manipulate resonance in structures others consider to be “music” I have mastered, but how do I form resonance in my experience of absolute silence? To dissolve the obstacles like the sound of my physical body, the blood circulation, breathing and heart beating. And then the most difficult obstacle, to silence my hallucinations we call “thoughts”. So the thing here is to delete those obstacles with external auditory stimuli. Make resonance with instrumentation in a way that I cannot hear my body and the effects of the thought patterns dissolve. So I need to created audible sound, like an amalgamation of white noise, not to be heard, but that resonate in such a particular way that it will not take away those physical restrains, but mask them in the experience of my senses. When I master this, these audible sounds will be conducted by an orchestra of carefully selected individuals. An audience in the room experience will the absolute silence in the blind room with no source of light and sound, as the first silent concert in history. The first audience will be individuals with an extreme form of hyperacusis in whom the whole medical profession gave up hope of any recovery what so ever. Not for healing purposes, but because those people have sharpened audial senses. Also a selected group of people with severe cases of tinnitus will be asked to attend. The audience will conduct a full hour set of The Silence Orchestra, and become nothing in the absence of reverberation and be completely dissociate with the activity of the mind.