My name is Snake McRuffkin and I am your vocal host and spiritual guidance in The Spirit Cabinet. They call me “the sultan of sentiment”, but we’ll talk about that later. I will take this humble opportunity to write you some stories about our Spirit Cabinet and all the paranormal things surrounded by it.

As we are preparing for a Rock Opera album, I will enlighten and prepare you for the subjects it will cover. I will talk about spirits and demonic possessions, reflect upon the tragic deaths of freak show performers, tell stories from the old carnival, and introduce you to ancient English and American ballads and other pre WW II music from the Appalachian forests to the tundras of old Russia. For me The Spirit Cabinet is more than a musical ensemble actually. Many people seem to think that musicians exist to entertain them, sort of like human jukeboxes, but for me it’s more than that, it’s a way of thinking, spreading a philosophy. We want more depth in our existence than trying to become a monument in Rock n’ Roll history.

For endless years I remained  in the shadows, but I consider this time right to reveal some inside stories, because I found out the hard way that solipsism can be a dangerous thing. Consider my stories as unpolished marbles in the rarity cabinet of the past. Some might think those are the rants of an oddball, others might think I am a spiritual guru. If you ask me, you will find me somewhere in the middle. People do not talk anymore, and a good old story is rare to find, that is the empty space I jump in. I take nihilsm by the hand and dance with it. For years I’ve lived in the midst of eccentric individuals and outcasts, and heard a lot of stories.

I hope you find some enjoyment in my future rants. There is a whole world out there, and there are a lot of things not visible in plain sight, let me be your guide into this odium and obscure. Do not run away like a Mason from a crucifix, but indulge yourself in odd.